A Taurin Valentine’s Day

Happy Tuesday-between-football-and-chocolate-hearts!

For those who celebrate the footballing, I hope you experienced a satisfactory outcome.

And I hope that whatever your relationship status, you have a nice Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Remember, it’s okay to treat yourself if you don’t have someone to do it for you.


We celebrated a bit early with a lovely dinner in Coeur d’Alene on Saturday night, because tomorrow, I am flying to Virginia to take care of my grandsons for a few days. East Coast travel is a little tricky, because even as amazing as air travel is, it’s still a full day to get across the country in either direction. But–a few days of spoiling grandkids without other rational adults around to tell me “no” will be worth it.

Last Valentine’s Day, I got all sappy with love songs, so this year, I decided to get all sappy with gift suggestions for the ladies of The Taurin Chronicles. I’m hoping their men take note, but I can’t control those characters. If you’ll recall, I did something of a take on this for Christmas of 2022, but this time, it’s about romantic gifts just for the ladies.

It’s possible this says more about me than anything else.

Igraine: Still All The Bling

It’s fair to say that Igraine‘s circumstances have changed quite a bit as a result of the events of Unquickened. Now that she’s residing in a little cabin in the woods, without Braedan, preoccupied with taking care of children and learning to grow her own food and sew her own clothes, I don’t think she expects anyone to think of her for Valentine’s Day.


But Igraine doesn’t realize that Logan has a lot of unexpressed feelings for her. Although he hasn’t confessed anything, the tension between them is quite strong. I could see him wanting to give her something romantic–something that she wouldn’t procure for herself under the circumstances.

Of course, his options are fairly limited, but he does have a few latent skills rattling around in his mind somewhere… I think Logan might be able to manage tanning a few rabbit pelts or fashioning a few pretty stones into something Igraine would wear.

She will be appropriately grateful, I have no doubt.


Maeve: A Grand Romantic Gesture

Even in hiding, Maeve has high expectations–though I don’t think Edgar minds too much.


But after Unquickened, and with Maeve expecting a baby, Edgar is being especially cautious not to reveal Maeve’s whereabouts. He knows he’s being watched, so he won’t want to visit or take anything directly to her. The tribe and the Sidh have set up an elaborate system for messaging each other without revealing Maeve’s location, and I think Edgar will simply show her his affection by sending a heartfelt love letter. Think something along the lines of Captain Wentworth’s letter to Anne Elliott, which may be the most perfect love letter ever written.

While Maeve will likely never turn down some other big gesture, she knows that Edgar has the heart and soul of a poet. She will be suitably “wowed” by such a gift.


Letha: Time and Attention

Letha‘s emotions have been a little raw since she discovered that she’s expecting a baby, and she’s struggling to reconcile her new role as a mother with her dreams of serving the tribe as a midwife and healer. Plus, Wyll keeps leaving to do other things, and she feels a little left behind.


Wyll is sympathetic. He adores his wife and finds her extraordinarily capable–he just wants her and their baby to be safe, and the plains are decidedly not safe at the moment. There also aren’t a lot of places for Wyll to shop since it’s not safe to go into the city, and as an outcast raven, he didn’t have many possessions to bring down the mountain. Plus, while Letha presents herself as tough and fierce, Wyll sees her softer side.

What’s a new husband and father-to-be to do?

Enlist help.

I think Wyll might just ask Mairead to help him arrange a quiet, romantic evening with his wife. He might even bathe and re-braid his hair.

That’s true love right there.


Minerva: A Simple Gesture

I haven’t introduced Minerva‘s new love interest yet; he shows up in Soultainted. I won’t give away all the details, but let’s say he’s a very simple, easygoing guy who’s a little younger than Minerva and really wants to convince her to give him a chance. His name is Evan. He’s not wealthy or educated, but Minerva finds him intriguing–and, most importantly, extraordinarily kind.

Minerva is very wary of starting a new relationship for a number of reasons, and she is worried about spending time with Evan. She sees the gap in their classes, education, and even age as reasons to keep him at arm’s length. But because he shows an aptitude for healing, she enlists his help in caring for the sick and injured in the Taurin army. As a result, they end up in proximity quite a bit.


Evan is not put off by anything about Minerva, and he’s more clever than she realizes. I think he would be savvy enough to try a simple gesture to pique her interest–most likely something like a bouquet of wildflowers.

Minerva’s reaction?

I think she’ll be confused and nervous about encouraging something she thinks can’t go anywhere.

But she will also happily put the flowers in a vase and find her eye drawn to them many times each day.


Mairead: A Vacation

Now that Mairead and Connor are back together, Connor isn’t taking any chances. He’s determined not to cause any more rifts between himself and his wife. While he knows she’s not particularly materialistic, I think he might enjoy the opportunity to shower her with gifts–and where better to do so than his house on his private island?


(Disclaimer: I am not into these reality dating shows, but this GIF is exactly how I picture this conversation going. Connor: Let’s go on vacation to my island. Mairead: No, I have too much to do. Connor: *immediately picks her up and transports her to said island before she can object again*)

I think Connor would talk Mairead into taking a few days away from her obligations and letting him transport her to his house on his island, where he would promptly have the finest fabrics and jewels brought in for her perusal and then spend time pampering her with the best food and drink. They’d probably spend a lot of time soaking in the ocean and lying on the beach.

Mairead is reluctant to rest, pamper herself, or enjoy any kind of luxury, so this is exactly the kind of thing she needs. And while she might object at first, I think after she settles into the warm breezes and some silk wraps, she’ll adapt quickly.

(Am I saying I need a vacation in a warm place with people to bring me drinks and things? No, I’m not saying that. But I’m also not *not* saying that…)


So listen, men of The Taurin Chronicles… Your ladies don’t necessarily expect super expensive gifts (though they probably won’t turn them down), but they would definitely appreciate a token–something to say that hey, you remembered the romance holiday, and you kind of think they’re pretty and sweet.

I suspect you will be amply rewarded.

Next week, I’ll be sharing the first chapter of The Heart of the Goddess.


See you then!

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