An All “The Office” Edition With Updates

And all of a sudden, it’s summer.

Somehow, it’s the end of June, and I don’t even really remember how we got here. Until about two weeks ago, I wasn’t sure summer would actually arrive. We heat the main part of the house with a high-efficiency wood stove, and we were still using it intermittently until about two weeks ago.

And now today, it’s about 92 degrees out. Summer finally showed up in board shorts with a margarita and some sketchy plans for upcoming weekends.


My parents visited over the weekend, and I actually did not access my computer at all for two days while we hung out with them. It was great to have them here, and I’m thrilled they came, but as I re-entered work mode today, I felt a little turned around. Checking out is good for the soul, but it isn’t always good for the motivation!

In any case, since my brain is still fighting its way back from its little mini-vacation, and since it’s been a while since I gave some general updates on plans and progress, I thought I’d just give a few updates on various and sundry projects.


This is probably the one you’re all the most interested in… There’s not a ton to say except that I’m still on track for that November 22 release.


I did get notes back from beta readers and revised many things based on their feedback. Then I said I was done, tucked it away overnight, got up in the morning, and made more changes. I’ve reviewed all of the many, many changes and accepted them all. I’ve had several days away from it now, so I think I’m ready to start reviewing it for the final time. This is the stage where I have Word read the book to me and I read along and watch for all my stupid mistakes. The great thing about this stage is that I do get a better sense of the rhythm of the words when I’m listening–even with a stilted computer voice–so I have one last chance to change anything that doesn’t flow right.

I’m a little bit behind on this stage. I hoped to be 100% done by June 30, but with client work to do this week, I won’t make that deadline. However, we built a little bit of cushion into our timelines, so I think we’re still okay. The hard work is done. The rest is just fine tuning.

Ian Mac Roy Adventures

I stopped working on the second Ian Mac Roy adventure for reasons which will become apparent in just a couple of paragraphs, but I intend to get back to that shortly. The second one is almost done. I just didn’t have enough time to do the All The Things.

The third one is percolating. I have a general idea of the plot. I just need to get through the second one before I can write it.

My intent is to publish both of these before Unquickened. I think that’s still possible. It’ll be tight, but it’s doable. I don’t have dates yet, but when I do, you’ll be the first to know.


In any case, the first one is now rerunning on my Substack. Go like, subscribe, and share it with people who might enjoy!

And now, for the BIG news…

New Editions of Ravenmarked and Bloodbonded!

This was not on my radar at all at the beginning of the year, but several weeks ago, I was looking at the cover of Ravenmarked and realized–it still says I live in Oregon! “No problem,” I thought. “I’ll just order a new cover with an updated bio.”

Then I realized that the bio inside was wrong as well, and that I had some outdated social media info in the book.

Then I thought, “you know, it might be better to have an excerpt from Bloodbonded in Ravenmarked, and I could probably put an excerpt from Unquickened in Bloodbonded…

So I thought I’d try to edit the print layouts myself, but… I’m not very good at that sort of thing.

So I called Goddess of All Design Robyn and begged her to help, and we started finding all sort of other things to change, fix, and alter, and…

Stupidly long story short…

I’m going to publish new editions of Ravenmarked and Bloodbonded.

A few things you should know:

  • The story has not changed. Aside from fixing a couple of typos and tweaking the layout, the actual content of the books remains the same. So your older e-books or print versions are still completely legit as far as the story is concerned.
  • The new editions will have an exciting bonus feature! I’m not going to spoil that now, but just know that if you are interested in buying the books, you might want to wait a few weeks to get the bonus feature. (Both the e-book and the print versions will include the bonus!)
  • Existing fans with copies of the book can still get the bonus feature! We’ll work that out when we get to it, but rest assured that I won’t leave out my very best fans.


SO–no specific date for those new editions to be available yet, but definitely this summer. I’m shooting for the end of August, which should give people time to buy them and re-read them before Unquickened is out in November.

Other than fiction projects, things are trucking along… I’ll be back next week with some thoughts on freedom in The Taurin Chronicles. In the meantime, happy Independence Day!




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