And Just Like That…

… my eldest daughter is in college.

August has been mostly taken up by frantic final preparations for our big summer road trip and then the actual two-week road trip. We borrowed my in-laws’ pickup and camper and set out to have a few fun days in Idaho before dropping my daughter off in Montana for her freshman year of college. After the big move-in day and orientation, we took the two youngest and headed down to Yellowstone National Park for a quick couple of days of exploration and then headed home.

There’s a lot of this sort of thing in Montana. I kind of love it.

(Side note: If you are one of the folks who left a comment on a recent post and never saw it approved, let me just apologize for the languishing. I barely touched my computer for two weeks.)

So this week was a reset week.

I had to reset… basically everything.

Exercise (because I barely did a thing when we were on the road).

Reading my Bible/prayer (I don’t think I even opened my Bible app the whole time we were gone).

Writing (I think I did my 1,000 words per day for, maybe, three days? Four days? Not much…)

Working (all I managed to do was reply to a few e-mails…)

Sleep (because does anyone sleep in a camper?)

Diet (because… well, vacation…)

So now we’re home, and school starts next week, and just like that, summer is almost over.

My two youngest are now both in high school. Just like that, I’m done with middle school.

Just like that.

What will be “just like that” next month? Next year?

I’m contemplating a lot of “just like thats” this week.

It’s a strange phrase, isn’t it? It sounds like something sudden and unexpected, but really, so many of our “just like thats” are the culmination of a thousand daily choices and decisions.

“Just like that, I lost 60 pounds”… because I decided every day to exercise and rein in my diet.

“Just like that, I wrote a book”… because I sat down at the computer more days than not and churned out shitty words and good words and then decided which ones to keep and which ones to throw away.

“Just like that, the kids are done with elementary and middle school”… after countless school supply trips and music performances and parent-teacher conferences and agonizing homework assignments and…

“Just like that, we’ve been married almost 30 years”… because we made the decision every goshdarn day–on the easy days and the hard days–to stick with it, through thick or thin, hell or highwater.

I’m in the thick of working the freelance business right now. I’m doing the marketing, making the calls, sending the e-mails, prospecting like crazy… I’ve been doing that all summer.

And just like that… the clients are starting to come in.

Things are picking up.

I’m starting to think that maybe I really can make a go of this.

And I’m still working on Unquickened and Soultainted. And I’m getting myself back on track with the training–I’m lifting weights and running again (despite the beastly warm and humid nights we’ve had all dang summer).

What will be my “just like that” next August?

“Just like that, I met my income goals for the last three months/six months/year.”

“Just like that, I published another book.”

“Just like that, I ran a half marathon.”

“Just like that” is a phrase that glosses over hindsight. Sometimes, it’s good to look back and remember the choices and decisions that went into today’s “just like that.”

And to think about what I need to do today to make tomorrow’s “just like that” a reality.

Update on The Taurin Chronicles:

  • New print formatting of Bloodbonded is done! I just have to read through it. I am hoping to push myself through that this weekend. We’ll see.
  • No changes on Unquickened: it’s still in the mental slow cooker.
  • Soultainted is now at about 52,000 words, so maybe about 1/3 done with the first draft.

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