Begin Again


It’s September.

How did that happen?

I don’t know what happened to my summer. It blew by in a whirlwind of errands, appointments, campouts, projects, events, and kid ferrying endeavors. What quiet moments I did have were spent largely on volunteer work. The good news is that my American Heritage Girls troop is rechartered and ready to go this year. The bad news is that the process pirated a lot of time from my work endeavors.

But it is what it is. It’s tough to have a demanding volunteer job AND a separate paying job under the best of circumstances. Throw in four kids, a husband, a puppy, a few rabbits, and a church, and things get downright ridiculous.

I find myself at the beginning of September in a fairly good place, though. The troop is shaping up very nicely this year. We had a rather unstable year last year, but we’ve settled into a new and wonderfully supportive charter home now, and I have an amazing team of volunteers ready to take on a lot of the duties that ate away at my time last year. We’ve also had some fairly successful recruiting endeavors this summer. After the typical end of the year attrition, we were down to about 20 girls. Now, after summer recruiting, we’re up to over 30! That thrills me to no end. I may complain about this job of Troop Coordinator a lot, but I really do love the program and the girls and volunteers in my troop.

So! Now that the troop has some momentum behind it, it’s time for me to begin again with work-related projects!

I’m embracing a more fluid approach to my writing and editing. I am going to focus on rebuilding the typical commercial writing that I did in the past–web copy, ghostwriting, collateral, and all of the other things I have listed on my services page. Those services do include line editing and proofreading for those authors who might want a final polish before publishing something. I’m also, however, going to start actively pitching story ideas to whatever magazines will have me. I’ve always sort of intended to pursue that type of thing, but until now, I never really thought I had the time or the writing chops to handle it. I’m still not sure. We’ll see what happens.

For those who are curious, I am going to do a bit more with my fiction writing as well. I enrolled all of my works in the KDP Author program on Amazon, and the 90-day obligation will be up this week. When it’s done, I do intend to make everything available in all of the other e-stores again. I’m also, finally, going to work on getting Ravenmarked into print. This will likely take a bit longer, however, as I’ll need some other projects to pay for the process. And finally, I am hoping to devote at least a couple of hours a day to finishing the rewrites on Bloodbonded, the sequel to Ravenmarked. I am hoping to send it to beta readers at the end of this month. I’ll give it my best shot.

One of the things I love most about September is the feel of a second new year. I love the change of seasons, the crisp evenings and mornings, the sound of geese overhead, and the smell of pencils, crayons, and new books. I love the potential of the upcoming American Heritage Girls activity year–merit badges, projects, overnight events, campouts, all the rest. I love the thought of winding some yarn and starting on hats and sweaters and hand mitts and socks and cowls and scarves for Christmas (my fingers are twitching already!).

It’s September. What better time to begin again?


2 thoughts on “Begin Again”

  1. Sounds like a perfect summer: it went by and in the fun, you didn’t even notice.
    Glad to hear you’re getting your writing going again. Sure sounds like you need a few more things to fill your days… and nights, LOL!
    If you need a beta reader, or editing or formatting, give me a shout.
    Looking forward to seeing your name on book covers again. All the best with your scouts, too.

    1. Thanks, Tony. I will keep your generous offer in mind. 🙂

      Regarding the summer . . . I *feel* like I noticed. I’m so tired, LOL! Maybe I’m just old. 🙂

      Nice to be in touch with you again!

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