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My First Video Blog and Big News!

Okay, let’s try this again… If you’re subscribed to the blog in some way, you probably already got this, and for whatever reason, it wasn’t working. I probably did some

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Revisiting Fantasy Feminism

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with the Website Goddess Robyn about all things promotion-related, and we were discussing the status of Unquickened. I told her, “The more I

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An Unquickened Update (For Real)

Short post this week since I’m kind of flying between about a dozen different things, but I’ll be back next week with something longer. But I wanted to share a

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On Fear

“Living in fear is just another way of dying before your time.” – Mike Cooley I stumbled across this quote the other day, and it stuck with me. I had

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Announcement #1: Time to Launch!

I wanted to write a long post this week, but life. Honestly, that should just be my motto–“But life…” In any case, it’s not a long post, but I’m posting

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Here We Go, 2021

So this is 2021. It’s a little bit scary that this century is now old enough to drink. No good can come from this. But I’m not here to ruminate

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What I Learned Reading 50 Books

I think it’s reasonably safe to say, on this, the 31st day of December of the global Annus Horribilis, that very little this year has gone according to plan. I

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Taking a Risk

Chuck Yeager passed away earlier this week. I don’t know when I first really became aware of General Yeager’s name, but I have vague memories of “sonic booms” over our

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Climbing the Mountain

Well. Let’s try this again… My last post was not in March, as this blog would have you believe. My last post was in August. I gave a general recap

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