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Announcement #1: Time to Launch!

I wanted to write a long post this week, but life. Honestly, that should just be my motto–“But life…” In any case, it’s not a long post, but I’m posting

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Here We Go, 2021

So this is 2021. It’s a little bit scary that this century is now old enough to drink. No good can come from this. But I’m not here to ruminate

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What I Learned Reading 50 Books

I think it’s reasonably safe to say, on this, the 31st day of December of the global Annus Horribilis, that very little this year has gone according to plan. I

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Taking a Risk

Chuck Yeager passed away earlier this week. I don’t know when I first really became aware of General Yeager’s name, but I have vague memories of “sonic booms” over our

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Climbing the Mountain

Well. Let’s try this again… My last post was not in March, as this blog would have you believe. My last post was in August. I gave a general recap

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When Your Book is Trying to Kill You…

Y’all. Unquickened is not playing nice. This book is trying to kill me. I don’t mean this metaphorically. I mean, seriously, characters are reaching across the boundaries of the multiverse

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I think January might become my reset, reflect, rejuvenate month from now on. I might even call it a Sabbath month. After navigating: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve/Day, youngest child’s

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A Decade of Fiction

So. September, eh? That was the last time I checked in with y’all. I’m not sure how I managed to let a whole season pass without so much as a

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