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Ten More Questions…

Well, it looks like we might finally–FINALLY–be clawing our way out of the deep dark hole of winter up here. via GIPHY We had some wet snow or maybe heavy

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On Rejecting My Favorite Label

Hello, threes of fans, and happy spring! Or whatever we’re calling this weird in-between time when it’s still snowing every other day and also it’s too warm for a sweater

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Repost: A CBA Hero

Howdy, threes of fans! It’s been something of a nutty week, and my schedule has been rather scattered, so I did not write a new post. However, I stumbled across

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Nobody Knows Anything

What a difference a week makes! Last week, I despaired of seeing actual pavement again. Everything was buried under inches of snow, and there was more in the forecast. My

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Goals Update: It’s a Mixed Bag

They tell me that March 1 is the beginning of “meteorological spring.” Apparently, that memo didn’t reach North Idaho, because winter has set up camp in our backyard and seems

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