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Repost: The Why

Well, y’all… It’s been quite a week around here. After scrambling to finish up client work last week, I scrambled to prepare for a weekend trip to Oregon to visit

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Book Review: Tomorrow’s Kin

After spending a fair amount of time reading non-fiction and fiction that isn’t speculative this year, I decided that I wanted to dive back into some science fiction. Of course,

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On Social Media

Well, folks, I have some good news: I officially worked on Soultainted four days last week, spent a couple of hours on it on Sunday, and dove into a single chapter

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On Loving My Own Writing

Who else is melting right now? Every summer, I remember why I hate summer. Well, not hate, exactly–just not particularly enjoy. And it’s not summer I hate–it’s the heat. I am not

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Nimue: More Than Meets the Eye

Question for all of you: at what point does a post about fantasy lore require a “Nerd Warning?” via GIPHY I have something a little unusual for you today… Yes,

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