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The Resonance of Stories

Well, y’all. It’s been kind of a strange week. I have been hit by an inner ear issue, which has thrown off everything for me for the last week. It’s

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Book Review: Mistborn Trilogy

I have been nervous as heck about starting to write book reviews again, but after much pondering, I’ve decided that I will. I’m going to try really hard not to

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Connor Mac Niall: Reluctant Hero

In the lead-up to the publication of Unquickened, I’m going to start sharing profiles of some of the characters from The Taurin Chronicles. I thought you all might want to

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On Reading Non-Fiction

Somehow, it’s already May, and I am currently seven books behind on my modest Goodreads challenge for the year. This seems to be a fairly standard state of affairs for

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1,000 Fans

I’m just going to alert you right now: this post is largely about the fan/platform side of selling books. It may be boring, but this is where my brain is

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On Endings

This is a strange day. Yesterday, I finally–finally–finished my final BIG edit of Unquickened. I hope it was the final big edit. I sent it to the editor last night, so

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