Drumroll Please…

I told you there was forward motion:

Guess which character this book focuses on?

It’s probably not a huge surprise that Igraine is the central character of Unquickened. Everything has kind of been going in that direction for a while. I don’t have an official blurb for you yet, but I can tell you that this is the book where Igraine has to make some really tough choices. There’s a lot of mayhem, too–wars and rumors of wars, that sort of thing. Everyone knows that the middle of the series is the darkest…

I still don’t have a release date for you, either, and I doubt I will until next year sometime. I am still trying to finish the first draft!

So why would I order a book cover, and why wouldn’t I wait and reveal it until I had some firmer dates?

Well, basically…

I need to keep myself on track.

At this stage of the fiction-writing game for me, I have to do things before I chicken out. I had a little money in the bank, and I decided that if I had a book cover, I might not chicken out. It’s as simple–and as complicated–as that. I feel like if I look at this cover–or if I look at all three covers in a row–I’ll remember that there is a point to all this, that there’s a story to tell, that I’ve made promises that I intend to keep. As weird as it sounds, having that cover of Bloodbonded in front of me sort of kept me focused when I was fighting that book. I guess I’m hoping that this one will do the same.

So that’s it. This is my motivational poster. And truly, I love it. I love the pensive expression on the girl’s face. I love that wing in the background–it’s reminiscent of the Ravenmarked cover, and it hints at the choices Igraine faces. And I love the green background against her red hair. I used the same cover designer I used for the first two. Robin Ludwig Design always does a stellar job–quick responses, good turnaround time, and reasonable prices.

There’s more news coming soon. Forward motion continues…

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  1. tony

    Congratulations! I didn’t comment on the just past article b/c I didn’t take the time, too, but it pleased me too.
    As for the cover, I’d be happy with it on the front of the book; you should thank Robin, excellent work!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Amy Rose Davis (Post author)

      She does great work, doesn’t she? I feel like this one really suits the tone of the series.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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