Some footnotes and random thoughts…

  • The new draft of Bloodbonded is done. It’s rather anti-climatic–not the story, but the finishing of such. I am glad that I worked out the major issues, but as I sit here staring at this massive semi-final tome, I find myself feeling… meh. Maybe I’ll perk up about it when I start reading through it. The read through starts tomorrow. Beta readers are lined up and waiting. Here’s hoping they get it in about two weeks.
  • I’ve decided that parenting teenagers is changing my personality. I keep taking those Meiers-Briggs-type tests and getting crazy results that bear no resemblance to the real me. I have always, always, always been an INFJ, but I can’t seem to ever get that result anymore. Here’s the one thing: The one other time I got a result different than INFJ was when I worked in this absolutely soul-sucking environment in the mid-90s. I think I had to turn off my personality to survive. I can only conclude that it’s either the teenagers or my volunteer job that is changing me from an INFJ to something I don’t recognize.
  • It’s raining today. Finally. It appears that fall is finally, finally arriving in Oregon. It can’t happen soon enough for me. I am pretty much sick to death of sun.
  • I’ve been watching and re-watching Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech over and over lately. I cry every time I watch it. I am so grateful that speech exists in the real world.
  • I am mulling over NaNoWriMo. Last year, I wrote 50,000 words toward Unquickened. I would kind of like to at least produce 50,000 words or so toward that book, but I’m not sure I’ll be done with the final read of Bloodbonded by November 1. In any case, if you want to connect with me for NaNo this year, my user name there is “AmyRoseDavis.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Bloodbonded. Here’s hoping I actually publish it this time. And as always, thanks for sticking with me, everyone. I am very grateful for the support and kindnesses you all have shown me over these last many years.

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