Forward Motion

And all of a sudden, November is tomorrow.

It’s been crazy busy around here. It’s been mostly good. I’m getting actual work, which is nice–I’m not inundated yet, but I have enough work that I can actually sit down most days and do something for a client. We’re still definitely in the “ramping up” stage… I have one large contract and one smallish one. I’m working on more.

I’ve also been away three weekends of the last five. That makes my life crazy. Two of those were AHG camps/camping trips, one was an annual weekend getaway with girlfriends. I enjoyed all three, but weekends away are hard when you’re trying to get back into work routines. I am discovering how much I need the weekends to do the domestic catch-up things. Fortunately, I have no more overnight/weekend trips until March. It is my firm intention to figure out a better way to handle these weekend things by then.

I have a new website up: Story Junction. It’s pretty basic right now, but there will be more content (she said optimistically). You can probably see that I’m steering my work toward long-form and story-oriented projects. As I’ve been thinking through what I like to do, what I’m good at, and how to focus my business, I’ve realized that what I really love to do, more than anything else, is write books.

I love writing for other people–their content, their words, their ideas. I love taking someone else’s rambles and giving them structure. All of my favorite projects over the years have been ghostwriting projects. I like writing shorter things, too–articles, case studies, reports, and that sort of thing–but it turns out that my first love is writing books.

Huh. Who’da thunk it?

Which brings me to the thing that probably brings you to this blog… Namely, my own books…

So here’s the thing.


I have this issue with my work. It makes me absolutely bat-crap crazy that it’s not 1) perfect, 2) loved by everyone, and 3) stamped with some external Seal of Approval. Interestingly, I am also not perfect, loved by everyone, and stamped with any kind of Seal of Approval, and yet that doesn’t bother me. (Okay, I guess there’s one Seal of Approval, but that’s kind of a theological thing that I don’t want to get into right now. But maybe that’s also why it doesn’t bother me that I’m not perfect or loved by everyone, since I already have the One Thing that counts the most.) But my work… Putting my work out there has filled me with more dread and anxiety than I can ever adequately convey.

Until recently.

Maybe one side effect of having such a shitty year last year is that I just kind of lost the will to care what other people think. I mean, at first, in the midst of all the yuck, I had a harder time with criticism than usual, but everything was raw for a while. Now, with scar tissue over the worst of it, I kind of feel like if people don’t like my writing or my stories or the words I choose in my blog or whatever, that’s more about them than it is about me. Or maybe I feel like it’s just not that important in the overall scheme of things. Or maybe it’s that I’m emotionally dead inside. Kind of hard to pinpoint, really.

So all this to say…

I’m working on The Taurin Chronicles again.

I’ll be looking to get Bloodbonded into print form soon. I’m going to attempt to use NaNoWriMo to finish a draft of Unquickened. And I’m going to start making notes on books four and five. It would be nice to finish this story before I die.

Don’t get me wrong. My work priority right now is commercial writing, corporate stories, and ghostwriting. I mean, that’s really where the income is, at least for now. And of course, family comes first; there are still a host of people who require my attention. Plus the self-care… I need time with my girlfriends, my knitting needles, and my treadmill and weight bench. I can’t let the self-care slide. Everything falls apart when I do, and besides, I like being a size 10 now and not a size 16-pushing-18. I also like coffee and handmade wool hats, and those things go well with sitting across from a friend and commiserating.

So all that said, I’m not going to make any predictions or promises about when Unquickened will be published or how quickly I’ll get the other two books drafted.

But what I am promising is forward motion.

It may be slow forward motion, but driving through a parking lot at 5 mph is still faster than standing still.

I’ll have more news in the next few days. Other things are in the works, and I will share them as soon as I can.

In the meantime, it’s time to open Scrivener and get to work…

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