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The march toward the official Bloodbonded release date of July 1 continues… I am still tweaking the formatting. Can I just say that I am pretty sure I’ll never use another ellipsis or em dash ever again? Good gravy. Don’t worry, though–I’ll re-upload a fresh, clean copy in time for the July 1 release.

In the meantime, there are now plenty of links available for sharing and tweeting and general promoting…

Amazon pre-order link

Barnes & Noble pre-order link

Smashwords pre-order link

Goodreads page

If you’re one of my early readers and you’re on Goodreads, you can leave a rating and/or review there. Even if you don’t have anything good to say, please leave a rating or review. Just having more ratings bumps the book in the algorithms. Besides, I think bad ratings lend legitimacy to a book. (That’s the mature Amy. The immature, artistic Amy will cry and drink when she gets a bad rating.)

So now that we’re careening full speed toward an official release, a couple of people have asked about the next book. I am planning to give myself a breather from Taura. That place is pretty intense. I’m tired of trying to manage the fate of the world. So for right now, for the summer, I’m going to work on some worldbuilding and editing in the world of Hawthorn Hills. That’s the setting of my dragon western, A Whisper of Dragons. I wrote the draft novel four years ago (I think), and it’s just sort of been simmering behind the scenes. Half of the second novel is drafted as well. I think right now I need to back up and work on worldbuilding, because the writing I’ve done so far is rather disjointed and inconsistent.

I also intend to finish proofreading the print version of Ravenmarked. I was working on that a while back and got distracted by… well, life… and never finished. I intend to get that done this summer. I would love to end the summer with a print release. It won’t be cheap–it’ll probably be $14.99–but people keep asking about it, so I feel like I should do it.

In whatever small spaces I can find, I hope to work on some short fiction. I have a few ideas for short stories set in Hawthorn Hills, and I would like to finish another Ian Mac Roy novella. More titles live is always a good thing, right?

And finally, I am going to work on rebuilding some modest amount of freelance copywriting work. I really do enjoy that work, and fiction doesn’t pay the bills. Now that I’m not a Troop Coordinator anymore, I feel like I have the mental space to just lump all of my writing into one big pot and make some of it fiction, some of it non-fiction. But with kids home for the summer, it’s likely that this part of the plan won’t gain much traction till fall. Summer was always a quiet time for commercial work, anyway. It seems like things get a boost in the fall.

To the pre-readers who have already read the book and e-mailed kind words, thank you. You reassure me that this work is not wasted.

To the lone person who pre-ordered Bloodbonded on Amazon, you made my day. Thank you.


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  1. tony

    More titles live is definitely a good thing!

    Thanks for sharing!


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