My Books

I write fantasy.

But before you get too excited, you should know that I write old school fantasy.

Heroes. Villains. Damsels. Magical thingamabobs. Signs and wonders and prophecies.

Well, I will admit that my heroes are a little flawed. Sometimes, my villains are redeemable. My damsels are as likely to be hiding daggers in their breeches as they are to be slinging witty dialogue at suitors.

The magical thingamabobs? Those are probably pretty much what you’d expect.

I believe in heroes. I believe in worlds where men can be masculine protectors of women and children. I believe in places where women can have agency and voice and still be feminine. I believe in good vs. evil. I think the world needs fewer rapist protagonists and more examples of what I like to call “heroic badassery.”

So, that’s what I write.

And if that’s what you like to read, then I invite you in to my worlds.

Ravenmarked (The Taurin Chronicles, Book 1): Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

Bloodbonded (The Taurin Chronicles, Book 2): Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

Silver Thaw: Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

Deception at Sea: Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

Servant of Dreams: Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

The Accidental Muse: Amazon Barnes & Noble Smashwords

Unquickened (The Taurin Chronicles, Book 3): Forthcoming

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