My First Video Blog and Big News!

Okay, let’s try this again…

If you’re subscribed to the blog in some way, you probably already got this, and for whatever reason, it wasn’t working. I probably did some weird thing wrong last night when I was trying to figure this out. Anyway, I deleted that post and decided to start over.


Here’s my first video blog! Forgive the terrible quality and bad editing. I’m new at this.

But let’s all just take a moment to appreciate that amazing intro from Design Goddess Robyn, shall we? It makes me feel way cooler than I really am.



4 thoughts on “My First Video Blog and Big News!”

  1. Much better! Congratulations!
    I’m glad you’re loving the new place; it’s really good to hear that.
    Idaho… I think I’ve only been there once. I spent a week or so in Bayview, (customer support for a Navy project) and it is beautiful there. The political environment isn’t quite so attractive to me, and I’ll say no more about that.
    Again, very happy you’ve found a good place. My experience, thin though it is, is that a 110 year old house will offer both challenges and problems, but it sounds like you’ve got that done and dusted.
    Of course, waiting for the new stuff, too, but no pressure.

    1. We’re working on the house. I think it will be a bit of a project house… We’re trying to just get the big stuff done before we move all of our stuff in. It’s easier to do floors and plumbing when there’s no furniture, dogs, and people to navigate! Then we can do the fun stuff. I have a vision to do kind of a French/American farmhouse thing throughout… Should be fun to pursue!

  2. That’s very brave you of you to be trying a new medium with video blogging! Well done!
    And very exciting to be buying and renovating an old house, I hope your hot water is functioning now. XD

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