My Old Life

Once upon a time, I had another blog. It was called Modicum of Talent, and it was mainly a place for me to worry about writing. I let that blog expire when I went dark, and then someone else bought the domain name, and now here I am.

Sometimes, on rare occasions, I might virtually bump into a friend somewhere online. And said friend might say, “hey, whatever happened to that blog you used to have? That one with the Ian story and your writing angst and that One Great Post you had about that one thing?” And I will have to shrug and say it’s just gone.

But! No longer!

It’s not the original blog, and I’m sure a lot of the links herein are broken, but here is my old online home. It’s kind of a crumbling old house. The paint is chipped. A bunch of windows are broken. The blackberries are taking over the whole back porch.

But I return to this old house with fondness. In this old house was hope, once. There was laughter. There was frustration. There was anger. There was sadness.

There was passion.

Here, in this place, years after the last post on Modicum of Talent, when I packed my proverbial “go bag” and high-tailed it out of Dodge, I look back at that site and smile fondly.

And you know, it’s okay now. It’s okay if other people poke around in the old home place.

I think . . . I think I might even poke around there myself one day.

For now, I hope you enjoy.