My Story

I’ve been telling stories since I could speak. If I seem distant when you talk to me, it’s probably because my brain is somewhere far away, constructing dialogue or building a castle or working out a plot point. I love the sound and feel of beautiful words. I love to weave thought and intention into the kind of story that sinks its hooks deep into your soul and won’t let go.

I believe that story is one of the most basic connection points we all share as human beings. Story transcends language, national boundaries, politics, religion… Story connects us in places where we can’t otherwise connect or relate.

But when I talk about story, I don’t just mean fiction. Businesses can use story to engage customers and clients in ways that result in brand loyalty. Professionals looking to turn seminars and business experience into non-fiction works can harness story to make their works more powerful and accessible to their audiences. Whether we realize it or not, we all use story to connect.

So I write. I write novels, novellas, short stories, marketing copy, web content, case stories, whitepapers, blog posts, even non-fiction books (as a ghostwriter).

But no matter what label you put on my work, it all boils down to story.

When I’m not crafting stories, you can usually find me reading, knitting, herding the three young adults who live in my house, or grandparenting a grandson while his mom and dad get out for a bit. My family calls the great Pacific Northwest home, and we love to hike, camp, and spend time enjoying the many blessings of our corner of the U.S.