Rereading “Ravenmarked” in 40 Easy Steps

I’m attempting to re-read Ravenmarked and Bloodbonded in order to avoid continuity issues with Unquickened. I did manage to get through Ravenmarked. This is what it looked like when I was done:

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The process was even messier than the final result…

Without further ado, the 40 steps it took to re-read the beastly thing:

  1. Pick up a brand new copy of Ravenmarked because I have so many and because I’ve never read it in print.
  2. Post on Facebook that I’m reading it again, this time in print.
  3. Begin reading.
  4. Begin constant internal dialogue.
  5. “I like this opening. It jumps right into the action.”
  6. “Okay, I need to remember that part.”
  7. “Okay, that part, too.”
  8. “And that part.”
  9. Retrieve tiny sticky notes from my desk and mark the three spots I’ve already identified.
  10. “This is good. This is fine. I think I can do this.”
  11. “Lord, this exposition is awful.”
  12. Try to stay awake.
  13. Go back a page because I drifted off.
  14. “Oh this part. I love this part.”
  15. “Hm. That was not as good as I remembered it.”
  16. “Oh, shoot. That’s going to change things.”
  17. Go back a page because I forgot what I read.
  18. Stop because distractions.
  19. Pick it up three days later.
  20. “What the hell was I thinking here?”
  21. “Derivative.”
  22. “Drivel.”
  23. “Okay, that was a pretty good line.”
  24. “I do love these characters.”
  25. “Even when they’re idiots.”
  26. Stop because I can’t do it anymore.
  27. Pick it up three days later.
  28. “I’m getting low on these sticky notes.”
  29. “Jesus deliver me…” (Plus a lot of other swears.)
  30. Stop because reasons.
  31. Pick it up the next day.
  32. “I forgot about that scene. That’s a good scene.”
  33. “That scene is better.”
  34. “Oh…” *sniff*
  35. “I can finish this thing tonight if I ignore everyone.”
  36. “Lord, this is stupid.”
  37. “I tried to cram way too much into this book.”
  38. “Damn blurry screen… I’m not crying. I’m not.”
  39. Close book.
  40. Sigh.

Stay tuned for a very similar post about re-reading Bloodbonded

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