Ten More Questions…

Well, it looks like we might finally–FINALLY–be clawing our way out of the deep dark hole of winter up here.


We had some wet snow or maybe heavy rain last weekend, and there’s snow in the hills around us, but the roads are clear again. The trees are trying SO HARD to wake up, and I’m definitely hearing more birds twittering as I run.

I shouldn’t complain too much about winter. We don’t have it that bad around here, honestly, and I do love the snow. And now that I have an all-wheel drive vehicle, it’s much easier to get around town, even when roads are packed.

But I am definitely ready for flowers, lawnmowers, capris, and sandals.

In any case, I don’t have any super deep thoughts today, so I thought I’d take inspiration from my About page and answer ten more questions that no one is asking…

Target or Walmart?

This may surprise some people, but I prefer Walmart. I did shop at Target quite a bit when my kids were younger because they had good prices on diapers and school supplies, but I always had mixed feelings about it. I don’t like the fact that I can never get cell service in Target stores, and honestly, the prices on most stuff I would buy at a discount store are better at Walmart, anyway.

Wine or whiskey?

I like a good whiskey (or bourbon–a Manhattan with Maker’s Mark is something of a weakness), but red wine is my go-to drink.


Elton John or Billy Joel?

This is a super tough call, because I think both men are musical geniuses, and I sing along to anything I hear from either one. If I had to choose only one to listen to, I’d probably choose Billy Joel, in part because “Piano Man” is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Steak or fish?

The Man and I recently went to a steakhouse for a nice dinner, and I ordered salmon. My daughter was incredulous–“You went to a steakhouse and you got fish?” Um… yes. I did. Here’s the thing–I like a good steak, but we have steak at home, and I very rarely have a chance to get a well-prepared fish filet of some kind. So… steak is great, but if I’m in a restaurant, I will probably order the fish.

70s or 80s Pop Culture?

No contest–80s for the win! The 70s were weird, and most of my formative years were spent in the 80s. Give me big hair, leg warmers, and nuclear apocalypse angst!


Country or city?

Cities are fun to visit, but I prefer to be surrounded by fresh air, fields, and animals sounds and smells. I’m a country girl at heart.

The Bourne movies or the Mission: Impossible movies?

This is also a tough one. I think I choose the Bourne movies because I feel like they have a better overall narrative arc (aside from the fourth one, which is a separate beast). I’ll still see any Mission: Impossible movie that comes out, though.

Jane Austen or Charles Dickens?

Jane Austen. Dickens is great, but sometimes incredibly plodding. Austen’s characters are brilliantly drawn, her dialogue is witty and biting, and her social commentary is incisive and insightful. Plus, honestly, is there any love letter as beautiful as the one Captain Wentworth sends to Anne Elliot?


New International Version or New American Standard?

Okay, one for my Jesus-y friends. Maybe this will compensate for the alcohol choice. I prefer the New American Standard Bible; I have the John MacArthur study Bible. The NIV is fine, but I think the NASB is more robust. I confess, though–I am English Standard Version (ESV) curious…

Massage or pedicure?

When it comes to spa or beauty treatments, I’m pretty low maintenance. I don’t go for manicures; I played the piano and typed for so many years that I just keep my nails short and functional. I’ve had a few massages over the years, but almost all of them because I had some kind of injury that needed help. But pedicures? I get one about every five weeks. As a runner, my feet tend to get put through a lot, and I try to take care of them so that I can keep running. I’ve found someone who does a great job keeping my feet looking and feeling ready for prime time, and I will skip a haircut if I have to choose between hair and toes.

So there you go–ten more micro-facts you didn’t care to learn about me. I’m sure there’s a lot of revelation in these weird facts, so do your worst as you analyze all of my weird preferences…

See you next week!


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