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The Taurin Chronicles: Book III

With unquickened blood will the enemy rise.

Nothing has gone right for Igraine since her beloved king left for the northern estate of Kiern months before. Signs and conversations increasingly point to a secret identity her parents kept from her: that she is Syrafi, one of the powerful creatures who serve the god Alshada. And to make matters worse, because she is unquickened, enemies keep trying to kidnap and kill her for her blood. Yet if she allows her blood to quicken, Braedan may be lost to her forever. As the Eiryan ambassador threatens her autonomy and invaders threaten her safety, Igraine may have to choose to serve Alshada just to preserve her freedom—and her life.

Set against a backdrop of romance, political instability, and magic, Unquickened is the third in a five-book epic fantasy series titled The Taurin Chronicles.

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