Why Knitting?

Some of you may be curious why I would mention some of the more personal aspects of my life on this blog. “Why on earth,” you may ask, “would you blog about motherhood and knitting? And I understand how you are powered by coffee, but good books? How is that possible?”

Excellent questions. After all, I am a commercial writer, not a fiction writer (at least, not a publishing fiction writer). There’s really no reason for me to get so personal, is there?

Except that there is.

A friend posted this article on Jezebel about knitting. The article discusses all kinds of health benefits that people get from knitting, and those are all great. I’ve certainly experienced most of them.

But my favorite thing about the article was the comments section.

Normally, Internet comment sections are terrifying, seizure-inducing places, fraught with danger of the gravest kind. But on an article about knitting, there is common ground. There are pictures of projects, complaints about how expensive wool is, encouraging words and advice, and a lot of cheering.

So why do I blog about knitting (and other personal things)?

I blog about the personal because I am more than just a writer.

I’ve learned a lot in the last few years.

I’ve learned that knitting is soothing. There is something about the rhythm and flow of a simple pattern that induces a relaxed state akin to sleep. There is something about a challenging pattern that stimulates thinking. And there is something about the physical act of knitting that seems to keep the repetitive stress on my fingers and hands at bay. After all, who would hire a writer who can’t type?

I’ve learned that hiding the fact that I’m a mom doesn’t do anyone any favors. Being a mom is such a huge part of my life that there’s really no reason to ignore it. To be candid, I learn a lot from my kids and from my interactions with them, and there may even be times when what I share of my adventures (or misadventures) in motherhood may benefit others.

I’ve learned that good books feed my mind in ways that skimming blogs and poking around on Facebook can never duplicate. I wasn’t much of a reader when I was writing fiction. Well, that’s not true–I actually read a lot, but most of it was not very edifying. I’ve returned to reading classics, and I’ve challenged myself to read more non-fiction. I’m now reading at least one non-fiction book for every two fiction books I read, and the fiction is of a much higher quality than anything I was reading a couple of years ago. Improving my own intellect can only help clients!

Mostly, I’ve learned that I am a whole person. I am not just a writer, nor am I just a writer of business copy or fiction or writing advice or any other narrow category.

I am, in fact, a well-rounded human with a vast array of experience and knowledge that I am often capable of weaving into useful words.

But finally, I blog about knitting and motherhood and books because even if you never hire me to write for you, you might be a knitter, or a mom, or a reader, or have some other common ground that we can share on this blog.

And if that’s the case, I am as excited and interested in talking to you as I am about working for the next person who visits my site.

So pour a cup of coffee. Sit. Read. And share your story. And your crafting project, if you have one.

I can’t wait to see it.


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